2013 CPT Code Solutions
for Outpatient Psychiatry/Psychotherapy
    About Our Templates
    Are you a Psychiatrist in an outpatient setting? Are you ready to deal with CPT coding changes coming in January 2013? We are! And so can you be, in minutes . . . because we have done a large portion of the work for you. You too can be up and running in no time now that the CPT changes are in place. The note template and accompanying guide will make it easy for you to provide the documentation necessary for the calculations required by the new CPT billing codes.
  • Progress Note and Documentation Guide $39.95
  • Superbill Template$19.95
  • Note, Guide, and Superbill Combined $49.95
Who are we?
We are seasoned psychiatrists, with individual psychotherapy and medication management practices, and we still use paper records and billing. We have developed a streamlined one-page progress note template (with room for psychotherapy notes and other documentation on the back) and an accompanying documentation guide to reference for coding purposes.
Time Saver
If you want a convenient and efficient note template, which works with the 2013 psychiatry CPT coding requirements, download our PDFs. Use the note as is, or easily modify it for your own practice. We plan to print them as pads, and suggest you do that yourself at a local printer.
New Document Guide
We also offer a new half-page abbreviated superbill template, with the new codes more likely to be used most. Personalize its PDF, and you will be all set to start billing for the new 2013 E/M and Psychotherapy Add-on Codes.
"I am really impressed by what you have done--it looks to me like your sheet will take under a minute to fill out . . . a thousand thanks!"
-Psychiatrist, Cambridge, MA
"One page for a progress note is something I think I could actually use. By separating out the documentation guide, you've really simplified the process . It's visually so much easier to follow. I like that there are short checklists, but also room to write notes. Thanks!"
-Psychiatrist, Durham, NC